Seenai Tulsi Tea


  • SEENITHULASI teabag contains the best quality tea leaves of fine grade added with Stevia extract (100% natural sweetener)
  • SEENITHULASI tea gives you a whole new experience of drinking SWEET tea without sugar.
  • SEENITHULASI tea is sweet with 0 calories and low GI.
  • All natural drink (No synthetic preservative, color, flavor or sweetener).


  • ”SEENI THULASI TEA” have Stevia, a natural sweetener without no side effects or chemical.
  • Stevia induces insulin secretion and helps in digestion,
  • Stevia is sweeter than the sugar but with zero calories, Zero Glycemic Index
  • People with diabetic condition can consume this tea without a rise in the blood sugar level,
  • Not only Diabetics, Pregnant women, and obesity children can also consume